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Wd® Drives Solutions And Rewards With Enhanced Mywd

WD®, a Western Digital (NASDAQ:WDC) company, and a world leader in storage solutions, today revealed its enhanced myWD™ Partner Program, an award-winning loyalty channel program for managed service providers (MSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), and system integrators with new features such as product solution centers, industry-focused marketing assets and on-demand product training.

As a result of more than a year of survey and ongoing feedback from WD’s valued myWD partners, the new and improved site offers new features that lead to a smooth user experience for myWD partners providing relevant and easy-to-access information at their fingertips. The new features include:

  • Industry focused marketing assets;
  • On-demand online product training through WD University, and
  • A points system, where members earn rewards based on purchases of WD products from authorized distributors.

“Since the launch of myWD in 2012, the program has grown to over 25,000 partners worldwide spanning across 190 countries and 17 languages,” said Jamie Vo, vice president of WD’s worldwide marketing. “With the re-launch of myWD, WD is proving its commitment to invest in the channel by presenting our valued partners opportunities to build their business in the growing storage applications of NAS, surveillance and datacenters.”  “In India, we currently have more than 4300 myWD partners. We value our relationship with them and take consistent steps to further strengthen that relationship,” added Khwaja Saifuddin, Senior Director – South Asia, Middle East and Africa for WD.

The myWD Partner Program provides channel partners with the resources and benefits they need to drive their business. PSSC Labs has used WD® drives in its solutions for many years, and two years ago, it joined the myWD Partner Program. “WD stands behind us just the way we stand behind our customers,” explains Alex Lesser, co-owner and vice president of PSSC Labs. “Not only do they offer very good, high-quality, high-performance drives for our solutions, but if there is a problem, they tackle it head-on just like we do.”

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Philippines-based BancNet secures

Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, has been selected by BancNet to secure its mobile banking services. BancNet is a Philippines-based interbank network of 116 local and international banks, serving over 40 million cardholders. Gemalto’s Ezio Authentication Server and Mobile token will allow BancNet customers to pay their bills, check account balance, and transfer funds from their accounts with any member bank, using their computers and mobile devices to perform dynamic, multi-layer authentication and transaction verification.

The Philippines is an archipelago of over 7100 islands, with a population of 100 million. According to Citi Fin-Q 2013[1], 92% of Filipinos polled would like to ‘take their banking with them’ and be able to access all their finances on the go. This solution, which will enhance the present system of BancNet’s banking website[2], will enable stronger user-authentication through mobile phones, tablets, and other computer devices.

The Ezio Authentication Server is a token-agnostic solution that supports all leading authentication technologies[3], offering BancNet increased flexibility in selecting the most appropriate solution for their customers. It is also compatible with all open standards, enabling easy integration with BancNet’s legacy systems.

“We chose Gemalto because they are a leader in user authentication, with a proven track record in the Philippines,” said Aristeo Zafra, Jr., BancNet General Manager and Chief Operations Officer. “Their solution will enable our customers to access their bank accounts using mobile devices as their primary authentication device, with a greater sense of security. They would not need to carry or register multiple tokens.”

“In Philippines, 88% of the total mobile Internet population is under the age of 35[4]. With smartphone penetration expected to triple to 50% by 2015, BancNet has an enormous opportunity to tap into this enthusiastic generation,” said Michael Au, President South Asia and Japan at Gemalto. “Our future-proof solution will enable BancNet to offer exciting features that will attract and retain this segment of customers.”

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Supertron Annual Business Meet At Dubai

Supertron Electronics Pvt Ltd (SEPL) organized Annual Business Meet from 2nd May to 5th May at Dubai to celebrate the continuous growth in IT Industry and achieving 2000 cr milestone. Total 125 team members attended the meet from 34 branches to plan the future business strategy, target & action points.

Mr. V. K. Bhandari, CMD of SEPL had given a unique speech for future challenge, road map emphasizing on belief systems, passion, attitude and inter personalized skills, motivation and leadership qualities, he had given few examples thro audio-video clippings of common areas of SEPL business functions specially in product selling. He also highlighted the areas in optimization of resources such as product, fund, human resources and network. At this stage where IT industry growing 10-12% Supertron’s phenomenal team spirit has eying for 25% growth and has set up a target of 2500 crore in IT vertical only for the FY 15-16 and entire team SEPL is confident to achieve this milestone. Mr. Vibhor Agarwal, Director Marketing discussed in details about the Industry, opportunities and scope of improvement. Mr. Nirmal Kumar Meharia, Director Finance & administration has explained the financial part along with credit policy.

Supertron Annual Business Meet had the theme “There is no top, There are further heights to achieve” all members were ready to achieve the new heights from 2000 to 2500 crore. Company is eying for opportunities in smaller towns and wants to be closer to the customer and hence setting up 4 upcountry branches like Jabalpur and Puducheri opened recently. SEPL also opens satellite branches in Trivandrum and Rajkot.

All product managers had shared the ideas of future business road map of their Products with clear growth opportunities in an open forum. Meet also had elaborate interaction session on common issues and ways to address them.

Individual performance awards and overall branch performance along with different functional areas were awarded to the deserving candidates and it was followed by celebrating gala night.

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Trend Micro Incorporated, the global cloud security leader, announced a lucrative program for its channel partners to enhance sales of its Worry Free security solution. It is called the Summer Chiller scheme that started from May 11 and will go on till June 27,2015. The winners of the scheme have a chance to win gifts like Apple iPad mini with WIFI 16GB or Samsung LED TV Full HD 40 inches or Apple iPhone 6 – 16 GB.

AnandShringi, National Sales Manager – SMB & Consumer Products, India & SAARC,Trend Micro, commented, “Our partners are people behind the thriving reach of our optimum security range. We believe that this scheme is a perfect way to reward the most deserving and motivate them to drive the business further. We have always endeavoured to ascertain profitability for all our partners; simultaneously reducing their operational costs and building their service business. We are confirmatory that we will receive positive feedback and great participation for the same.”

The qualifying criteria to win the prizes are bifurcated into three slabs. The slab 1 is applicable for partners who sell Worry Free Fresh worth INR 1,50,000 would stand a chance to win Apple iPad mini with WIFI 16GB. The slab 2 is applicable for partners who sell Worry Free Fresh worth INR 3,00,000 and will stand a chance to get Samsung LED TV Full HD 40 inches. In third slab, the partners who will sell Worry Free Fresh worth INR 4,00,000 will get an Apple iPhone 6 – 16GB.

This scheme is valid on fresh Worry Free paper licenses for 5 users to 250 users only. It is not valid on enterprise accounts, boxes and renewals. The scheme will not be reimbursed for cash or any other gift item.
Trend Micro believes in mutual growth with channel partners and wishes to boost its partner ecosystem with robust growth opportunity.

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Flickr has added a range of new search tools to automatically analyse and sort people’s photos. The update follows from the sites’ offer of 1TB of free space to every user — and hopes to encourage people to take up that space and use it to store all of their photos.

The new search tools are led by intelligent tools that can look at a picture and tell what’s in it, and what colours it is made up of. Users can then search through pictures uploaded to Flickr — either their own or all of those that have been made public — by simply asking for a particular object, place or thing.

If users want to find pink flowers, for instance, they can search for flower and then pick the relevant colour from a picker at the top of the page.

The company has used the same recognition technology to create a window called “magic view”, which picks out certain parts of pictures to categorise them. So the site will organise pictures according to whether they have an animal in, for instance, and then whether that animal is a bird or a dog. It does the same for categories including photos of people, plus whether they’re a child or a group shot; sorting by style such as abstract or black and white; and different kinds of text.

Flickr has also added new options to make it easier to get photos into the service, and to arrange them when they are.

It has launched a new automatic uploader for Windows and Mac that will pop up whenever a memory card is inserted into a computer. It will then let users upload photos automatically, keeping them private until a decision is made.

The 1,000 GB of storage space was rolled out in the spring of 2013. Flickr said then that it received a huge increase in sign-ups, but the huge amount of space left many with huge catalogues of pictures that could only be scrolled through or searched according to tags.

The search tool is partly a response to that problem, and partly a move to make it easier for people to store their entire libraries in Flickr’s cloud. Once users select a certain set of photos, they can easily move them into an album for sharing, batch downloading or for later reference.

The new tools work by using “convolutional neural networks”, or computers that act like human brains. That means that even when it is wrong, it will often be in an understandable way — mistaking a push bike for a motorcycle, for instance — and that when it gets it wrong it will learn from user feedback.

The search uses the same intelligence to make less mistakes when phrases are entered, too. The team showed off the way that the new search will know that “dusty hill” is the bassist from ZZ top, rather than a hill with dust on; and that “pumpkin pie” is not just pumpkins and pies.

The updates are also being rolled out for mobile devices. As well as being able to use the more intelligent tools on mobile, too, the company hopes that the extra storage can lure people away from other services like Apple’s built-in iCloud, which has a much more limited amount of space.

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Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of optimization software for the process industries, today announced the general availability of aspenONE(R) Engineering and aspenONE(R) Manufacturing and Supply Chain Version 8.8 software. Developed for firms in the Oil, Gas, Chemicals, Engineering & Construction and other process industries, aspenONE V8.8 is a powerful software release featuring user-friendly, streamlined workflow innovations that allow users to minimize capital costs, improve plant productivity and boost operational profitability.

With this latest release, AspenTech delivers the technology enhancements needed to achieve operational excellence, enabling leading global firms to improve margins, increase yields, meet customer demand, gain competitive advantage and implement innovation across the enterprise.

Manolis Kotzabasakis, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Research and Development at AspenTech, said, “The aspenONE V8.8 software release offers significant performance and quality enhancements in several technical areas, including adaptive process control, relief sizing and revalidation, methanol partitioning in hydrocarbon modeling, and a complete suite of refinery reactor models. Additionally, our customers will experience improved deployment of these latest innovations that will enable them more quickly, efficiently and profitably to design, build and operate their manufacturing plants and supply chains.”

James Holoboff, Senior Project Manager, Process Ecology added, “AspenTech has armed us with a methanol partitioning capability that is much more accurate than previous approaches. The addition of the Cubic Plus Association (CPA) fluid property package gives us the capability to better serve our clients and ultimately help them achieve their operational excellence goals.”

The aspenONE V8.8 software benefits include:

– Capital and Energy Cost Optimization with Streamlined Workflows. Enhancements to Activated Analysis in Aspen HYSYS(R) and Aspen Plus(R) improve performance and usability. Fully integrated cost estimation, energy optimization, and Heat Exchanger Design and Rating (EDR) technology brings key information to the process simulation environment, allowing faster and more accurate optimal design selection earlier in the conceptual engineering phase. The updated EDR user interface provides easier access to advanced features of the EDR product suite, aspenONE Exchange and the direct availability to the HTFS Research Network(TM).

– Safety Improvements via Increased Relief Sizing Capabilities. New relief load calculation enhancements for heat exchanger tube rupture, fire emergency and control valve failure expand relief sizing and safety modeling capabilities. Time to conduct pressure relief analysis is generally reduced by 50 percent.

– Lower Operating Costs Due to Accurate Methanol Partitioning Modeling. With the addition of the Cubic Plus Association (CPA) fluid property package, V8.8 software more effectively models methanol behavior to accurately predict hydrate formation, improving flow assurance in pipelines and meeting environmental regulations.

– Optimized Throughput and Planning with Complete Suite of Reactor Models. New Naphtha Hydrotreater and Alkylation models create a complete refinery reactor and assay management suite from within Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refining. For the first time, our customers have a brand new, complete suite of refinery reactor models available. The resulting flexibility means all process units can be accurately modeled and optimized, supporting planning for maximum profits.

Energy Savings with the Extension of Polymer Modeling to Solids. Polymers can be treated as solids below their melting points in Aspen Plus, allowing for accurate upstream and downstream modeling of solids production, including dewatering and drying.

– Fast Adaptation of Controller Strategy to Economic Objectives. The new Smart Tune technology in Aspen DMC3 enables users to quickly adapt to changing economic scenarios. It lowers the barrier to controller design and maintenance by providing more insight into controller strategy, and allows more users to set up and periodically reconfigure the optimizer more frequently with reduced workflow complexity.

– Improved Plant Scheduler Efficiency with Advanced Campaign Management and Visualization. The New Campaign Manager in Aspen Plant Scheduler(TM) enables speedy creation and scheduling of an ideal production sequence or product wheel. Proven sequencing algorithms further optimize grade transitions to reduce off-spec production and enhance asset utilization.

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Kaspersky Lab presents a new version of Kaspersky Security Scan, a free solution for Windows-based computers. Now the scanner not only detects malicious software and operating system settings that make the device vulnerable, but also offers users advice on resolving any issues identified.

Kaspersky Security Scan enables users to quickly scan their computers for cyberthreats. The scanner works even if there is another security solution installed on the computer. However, according to Kaspersky Security Scan data, 19% of devices on which the solution was installed in the first quarter of 2015, were not protected – that is to say, there was no antivirus solution installed on the devices or an existing solution was disabled.

Unsurprisingly, during the same period the scanner detected malware on nearly one fifth (18%) of the devices it scanned. In addition, dangerous vulnerabilities, such as blocked system processes, hidden files, etc., were found on 40% of computers. These statistics indicate that many users today need additional protection.

As well as finding threats on the device, the updated Kaspersky Security Scanner also offers advice about how to get rid of these threats. For example, the scanner may suggest that users install specialized applications to clean an infection or encourage them to change operating system settings. Full information about OS settings is available in the scanner’s main window. The new version also allows users to enable regular automatic scans on those days which are convenient for them.

“It is important to remember that although free solutions are undoubtedly useful, they cannot replace Internet Security-class protection, because for a long time now the techniques used by cybercriminals have encompassed more than just malware,” says Vladimir Zapolyansky, Vice-President, Product and Technology Marketing, Kaspersky Lab. “The scanner can quickly scan the computer for potential risks when there are no other options, or it can complement an existing antivirus solution to strengthen security. However, in all other cases an integrated, multi-tier security solution should be used on a permanent basis.”

The new Kaspersky Security Scan is already available to users in 11 languages at http://www.kaspersky.com/free-virus-scan. By default, the solution is installed in the device’s language, but now the language setting can be changed as part of the installation process. In addition, by clicking a smiley in the application’s main window ‘Easter egg’* lovers can get the chance to shoot down an airship.

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Sameer and Venkat

A revolutionary new technology that combines Big Data and Content, across platforms, to glean incredible new insights into audiences, content and brands.

Culture Machine, one of the fastest growing digital video networks in Asia, which has always stood by its promise of providing quality content backed by cutting edge technology, takes its commitment further with the launch of Intelligence Machine platform.

Through its rich data driven insights, Intelligence Machine identifies the content recipe for brands and creators that resonates with their targeted audience and enables them to translate the insights into a reliable programming strategy. It indexes and analyzes over 1.5 billion videos across the digital universe on a daily basis.

Commenting on the launch, Sameer Pitalwalla, CEO & Co-Founder, Culture Machine said, “Social Platforms are the new cable operators; YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are all video platforms, and knowing what content to create, and to create that content at scale, across platforms, is at the heart of building a successful brand online. Intelligence Machine helps solve this problem and understand audiences and their taste preferences using cutting edge technology”.

“We at Culture Machine believe in the power of technology, which will be the key differentiator for success in the digital marketplace. Intelligence Machine provides unmatched insights on the best content type and format’s that resonates with the targeted audience for a given brand or product and enables the user to translate that insight into concrete actions. Think of it as a “moneyball” for content for brands & publishers”, says Venkat Prasad, COO/CTO & Co-Founder, Culture Machine.

Intelligence Machine’s key features include:
• Identifying a brand’s share of voice across video platforms, in different geographies and online communities across earned and owned media.
• Benchmarking the brand against its industry on digital media and giving them a recipe to improve its standing.
• Discovering successful content formats for an audience segment in a given industry and topical trends in relation to them.

Founded in 2013 by Sameer Pitalwalla and Venkat Prasad, Culture Machine is a Digital Media Company that creates entertainment for the Internet generation by combining cutting edge technology with great content.

Culture Machine’s engineering team includes senior data scientists and some of the best software architects in the industry.

Culture Machine has offices and studio facilities in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Chennai and is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Aleph Group, Singapore.

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Sushil Virmani profile picture

Socomec, one of the leading global power solution specialist, today announced the appointment of Sushil Virmani as Managing Director for India operations. In this role, Sushil Virmani will head all four business applications on the company strategic plan and contributing significantly to Socomec growth in this market.

An engineering graduate from Punjab Engineering College, Sushil Virmani is an Industry veteran, who brings over 30 years of industry experience and expertise to the role. He has worked with brands like Eaton, Siemens, BHEL & Numeric Power. Before joining Socomec he was associated with Eaton where he worked as Director – Sales & Service, South Asia for Power Quality and Power Distribution products over the period of 15 years. He has a proven track record in sales, marketing, product, business development and general management leadership roles. He has good understanding of the key market segments such as IT, Data Centre, Education, Healthcare and Manufacturing.

As Socomec targets to increase its penetration into the key market segments and to grow overall business in India, it decided to appoint the local expert who has in-depth understanding of Indian market conditions, practises, proficient command of the language and understanding of culture that can encourage and expected to achieve greater results.

Socomec recently announced the direct promotion of its Power Control & Safety, Energy Efficiency products through its distribution network in India. In continuation of ongoing strategic development and growth plans this appointment marks a significant move for Socomec in this market.

“We thank and congratulate Olivier Tremouille who had contributed significantly to the Socomec excellent performance since 2012 in Indian market. In this period Socomec achieved new heights and laid many milestones. We wish him all the success in the upcoming project with Socomec France Benelux Region. I am thrilled to welcome Sushil who has good potential, superior understanding and expertise in this field. We urge him to continue prove his efficiency and establish Socomec presence very strongly in this market”, said Christophe Brule, Regional IAP Direct of Socomec.

“I am glad and honored to lead Socomec India operations, an innovative company with strong presence in the market. Socomec is very well known for innovative products, advanced technology, after sales support etc. I really look forward to work with such excellent and talented team. With the experience that I have gained so far both in Enterprise and Distribution business, together with team and our valuable partners we can take Socomec to new heights in this market”, said Sushil Virmani, Managing Director, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

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GadgetWood partners with Xiaomi

GadgetWood, India’s first professionally-managed multi-brand repair and support service provider for Mobiles, Smart phones and Tablets, recently entered into a partnership with Xiaomi, the world’s third largest mobile phone company, based in China. As a part of the association, GadgetWood will provide pick and drop repair services for Xiaomi smartphones and tablets within the next business day of placing the request. This ensures that all Xiaomi owners in India can now enjoy the fastest repair and after-sales product services, without the hassle of shuttling between service centres.

Jayant Jha, Co-Founder and CEO, GadgetWood commented, “The Xiaomi brand has created ripples in the Indian market. With the combined synergies of this globally-reputed brand and GadgetWood, consumers can benefit from a great user experience as well as quick and seamless repair services. The partnership is a testament to the fact that we, at GadgetWood, are committed to solving all technical and usage-related concerns of the Indian consumer through our unmatched services.”

Prior to the official announcement of the partnership, GadgetWood ran a pilot programme for two and half months in Delhi-NCR.The programme was a thumping success as over 500 Xiaomi customers used GadgetWood services to repair their smartphones and tablets with alacrity. Through this alliance, GadgetWood will provide assistance to Xiaomi in India through its innovative technology solutions.

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Anoop Singh Sengar_ Zenith Software

Bengaluru based Zenith Software Ltd. (ZSL), a Global IT Solutions and Services Company, has announced the launch of their latest banking solution Banc724-Digital, which will enable the banking industry to offer its customer a digital experience and achieve operational excellence.

ZSL is empowering the banking industry for over 15 years with its core banking solution and wide spectrum of IT services. Leveraging on the extensive experience on banking domain and SMAC IT services, ZSL architected its new age banking solution Banc724- Digital.

Banc724-Digital is a comprehensive solution with integrated platforms of Social media, enterprise mobility and analytics to facilitate the banks to offer customized and responsive banking services to customers virtually.

Commenting on the Banc724-Digital launch, Anoop Singh Sengar President and Deputy CEO of Zenith Software said “Worldwide Banks are under pressure to meet the demands of its digitized customers who stay connected 24*7 and want banking services as per their convenience. We foresee that Banc724-Digital will be an ideal fit for banks to deliver new age banking through transformation of their physical branch offices into digital services for improved customer experience and efficient services.”

“Banc724-Digital offers Omni channel banking through seamless integration of online and mobility platforms and banks have options to deploy solutions as a whole or on a modular basis.” added Anoop Singh Sengar. “Banc724-Digital’s Social Media Banking component helps the banks to connect with entirely new customer segments by opening accounts through Facebook, twitter etc., doing Product Promotions, offering Customer servicing and grievance redress through social listening and sentiment analysis.”

The Enterprise Mobility Module of the solution offers the convenience to bank’s customer manage their banking needs from anywhere, anytime using any mobile platform. The solution offer range of mobility services i.e. customer on boarding, mobile transactions, mobile payments, alerts, location-based services and innovative apps for personal finance.

The new Solution from ZSL offers multilingual presentation, is platform agnostic and can be easily interfaced with bank’s existing ecosystem.

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Transcend Launches e.MMC Memory

Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade products, is proud to announce the launch of the new EMC210 e.MMC (embedded Multi-Media Card) storage solution. The MLC-based EMC210 features simplified interface design, enhanced storage capacities, upgraded performance and a set of comprehensive functions. The small factor e.MMC is an embedded storage ideal for mobile devices, embedded devices and industrial applications, and is compliant with JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) version 4.51 standards.

Simplified Interface Design
The e.MMC is comprised of the NAND Flash and the Flash Memory Controller in a 153-ball BGA package. By integrating the controller into the flash memory package, the e.MMC supports the MMC interface and streamlines the development of new products that comply with a simpler set of industry-standard specifications for memory management. Transcend’s e.MMC solution provides greater flexibility with interface voltage of either 1.65~1.95V or 2.7V~3.6V. Consequently, manufacturers can benefit from a more efficient design process, lower costs, and reduced time-to-market for end products.

Enhanced Performance and Quality
Compliant with JEDEC e.MMC Specification Version 4.51, Transcend’s EMC210 offers speeds that are faster than standard SD/microSD cards with fast read and write speeds of up to 140MB and 60MB per second, perfect for industrial applications including embedded system, vehicle entertainment system, GPS, gaming, etc. Transcend’s e.MMC memory has passed full-size test during production and is manufactured with top-tier MLC flash memory, providing consistent long-life durability and endurance.

Advanced Functions for Industrial Applications
Transcend’s EMC210 e.MMC offers a number of additional advantages for embedded memory applications. The useful features include Enhanced Reliable Write, which ensures data will remain intact in case of sudden power loss during the write operation. Automatic Sleep Mode enables the memory to enter a sleep state after a brief period of inactivity, helping to reduce power consumption, while Quick Health Info helps monitor the erase count of the flash without performance suffer. The memory also features functions including TRIM, Secure Erase, and built-in ECC, ideal for industrial applications.

Transcend’s e.MMC EMC210 memories are offered in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities and carry Transcend’s One-year Limited Warranty.

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EdX and Arizona State University offerAlternative Entry into Higher Education

The Global Freshman Academy will give learners anywhere in the world the opportunity to earn 1st year university credit

Courses taught by leading scholars will provide a well-designed, interdisciplinary curriculum.

Arizona State University and edX, two leaders in interactive online education, announce the Global Freshman Academy, a first-of-its-kind program that offers a unique entry point to an undergraduate degree.

The Global Freshman Academy will give learners anywhere in the world the opportunity to earn 1st-level university credit after successfully completing a series of digital immersion courses hosted on edX, designed and taught by leading scholars from ASU. By allowing students to learn, explore and complete courses before applying or paying for credit, the Global Freshman Academy reimagines the 1st year and reduces academic and monetary stress while opening a new path to a college degree for many students.
“At ASU, we’re committed to academic inclusion and student success, regardless of a student’s family circumstances. We will not be successful unless we reach talent from all backgrounds around the world, and the worldwide reach of the revolutionary edX platform allows us to open this program to anyone with the drive to obtain their degree,” said ASU President Michael M. Crow. “The Global Freshman Academy will empower students to prepare for college and achieve what they may not have thought they could. There are many pathways to success, both academically and in life. This is now one of them.”

Since it was founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012, edX has offered Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from leading global institutions, for learners around the world. This is the first time that the power of the edX platform will be harnessed to help students earn credit on a global scale.

“We’re proud to welcome ASU as an edX Charter member,” said Anant Agarwal, edX CEO. “ASU has established itself as a new model for the American research university with a focus on inclusion and global thinking. This partnership delivers on the founding mission of edX: the promise to transform education while increasing access to high-quality learning. As with other innovative technologies in the digital space, so too will the Global Freshman Academy change the educational opportunities that will help people transform their lives.”

The program differs from other digital immersion undergraduate programs in the following ways:
• Course Credit for Open Online Courses – By completing the full series of eight Global Freshman Academy courses, students earn full college credit for 1styear; students will also be able to opt for taking individual courses for credit if they prefer.

• Cost Effective – 1styear credit earned through Global Freshman Academy is a fraction of the cost students typically pay.

• Learning Before Payment – Students may decide to take a course for credit at the beginning or after coursework has been completed – reducing financial risk while opening a pathway for exploration and preparation for qualified students who may not otherwise seek a degree.
• Unlimited Reach – Because of the open course format, learning takes place while scaling completely – there are no limits to how many learners can take the courses online.

• Innovative Admissions Option – The Global Freshman Academy’s approach is different from the traditional admissions process of other credit-bearing courses, eliminating such barriers to entry as standardized tests and transcripts that are part of the traditional application process.

• Track Record of Success – This partnership brings together a globally recognized online educational platform founded byHarvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a university whose innovative online degree programs boast an 89 percent retention rate.

The Global Freshman Academy will offer a collection of first-year courses designed to fulfill a specific set of general education requirements. Upon completion of each Global Freshman Academy course, students who pass the final exam will have an option to pay a small fee of no more than $200 per credit hour to get college credit for the course. Completion of eight courses in the series, including several required courses and some elective, equals the requirements for a full 1styear at ASU – at about half the cost of the national average for a year of in-state tuition at public universities.

The general studies focus areas will include mathematical studies, humanities, arts and design, social-behavioural sciences and natural sciences. The first course, Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy, is now open for enrolment, and starts in August 2015. It will be taught by Dr. Frank Timmes, an astrophysicist who focuses on nuclear astrophysics, supernovae and cosmic chemical evolution.

Two additional courses will be offered starting fall 2015, with the remaining courses scheduled to be released within the next 24 months. Human Origins will be taught by Dr. Donald Johanson, who most notably discovered the hominid skeleton known as “Lucy”.Western Civilizations: Ancient and Medieval Europe will also be offered.

Because the series is hosted and administered completely online, learning can occur anywhere, at any time of day, any day of the week. The program is perfect for ambitious students who need a more flexible, economically viable model for their education that enables them to hold jobs, work remotely, and save money. The Global Freshman Academy will also allow students to get a jump-start on their college education while still in high school.

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Kaspersky Internet Security- Multi-Device

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android demonstrated excellent results in a test conducted by the independent AV-Test laboratory. According to the results Kaspersky Lab’s solution detected all malware samples and did not produce a single false positive.

The researchers focused on testing the effectiveness of malware detection and the usability of the solution. According to AV-Test’s methodology, usability refers to how many false positives the solution produces while checking legitimate files, and how well it operates without having a noticeable impact on the performance of the device or other applications. All solutions used their default settings on devices running Google Android 5.0.1 with the latest antivirus databases installed.During testing the solutions were provided with Internet access and as a result they could address their own cloud services.

To evaluate the effectiveness of detection, the solution was tested on a collection of 3,077 malware samples first detected within the last four weeks.  Kaspersky Internet Security for Android successfully blocked 100% of malicious applications. In terms of usability, Kaspersky Lab solution also demonstrated excellent results: it correctly detected 1,860applicationsfrom Google Play Store and 924 legitimate programs from the third-party source as harmless. Additionally, during various loading tests, the AV-Test experts did not register any noticeable device performance slowdown or increased battery consumption or significantgrowth of Internet traffic. As a result, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android got maximum scores and received the AV-Test Certified award.

“Every month, thousands of new applications for the Android operating system emerge and not all of them are safe to use. These tests,conducted by independent researchers,continually confirm that Kaspersky Lab’s technology accurately distinguishes between programs that are harmful, and those that can be used without fear,”said Timur Biyachuev, Director of Anti-Malware research, Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is part of Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device,a multi-platform solution which protectsthe users of Microsoft Windows, Google Android and Apple OS X against current online threats and secures web surfing of the mobile platforms Apple iOS and Windows Phone supporters.